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The Future of Facility Technology - part 2

June 21st, 2018

Triton has been showcasing its design and fabrication process of its monitoring system designed to log, trend, and notify of facility sensor conditions in real-time. As an update on the process, the mechanical portion (motors, water lines, reservoirs, liftstation pit, and ground storage tank) have all been plumbed.

The electrical portion is in the process of completion. Once all mechanical pieces are assembled, the sensors will be connected into the data collection unit where they will output to the dedicated web server. This will display the compiled data into a GUI (graphical user interface) easily readable at-a-glance.

Triton has worked closely with operations professionals in the industry to tailor the system and GUI to precisely what is need and wanted. This includes hosting of trending, real-time values, and sends out emergency alerts when specific setpoints are reached. (i.e. system pressure falls below x). Access to this GUI will be provided in a SaaS format (Software as a Service) wherein operations, engineering, and other authorized users may login securely via any web browser on any device and monitor statuses, predict failures, and gauge efficiencies.

Once completed, this diorama and GUI will be showcased and demonstrated at industry events and at private showings for engineering and operations firms in the area.

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