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Triton Consulting Group is the founding communications consulting firm for Texas special purpose districts, focused on the needs of each individual community. Working alongside your consultants, we craft the right solutions for your district.

Triton's Story

Triton Consulting Group (formerly known as “Apex Group” and “Blue Umbrella”) was founded over 20 years ago by David Aitken IV.  Having grown up around the MUD world due to his father’s tenure on a board, David’s natural analytical strengths and passion for innovation came to the forefront when he observed a unique need within the industry and set out to fill it.  What started small evolved into a new niche in the industry - a comprehensive Communications Consultant to advise on and facilitate effective and efficient communications efforts between Districts and their constituents. 


For the first 15 years of our existence, Triton focused on building the business in Houston and developing relationships within the industry. That focus shifted in 2019 when we signed our first Dallas-region client and we began to learn about the needs of special purpose districts in other parts of the state. That was followed by an expansion into the Austin area in 2021. While each region is different, we have been able to leverage our deep knowledge of the industry to support clients in these new markets.

Along with our extensive background within the area of Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), our team also has a broad breadth of experience in the area of marketing, communications and PR for municipalities, destinations and attractions. Our diverse team brings strong leadership and project management skills that have proven to be assets for each of our clients.


As technology evolved and residents' demands for communication increased, our firm has been there consistently, assisting and guiding these ventures for our clients, and enhancing trust between our Districts and their constituents. 


Our focus is steadfast.  Our passion is to serve. 

Our Mission

To support the relationship between our client districts and their residents through creative, tailored public relations strategies that build lasting trust and enhance service to their communities.

Our Vision

Triton strives to promote resident engagement through a combination of excellence in customer service and a strong focus on transparency.



President & Partner

Megan joined the firm in 2020 and led Client Relations until 2023 when she moved into the role of President. Triton has experienced considerable new market growth during her tenure, due in large part to Megan’s unique experience and diligence.  As a graduate of Cornell University, her credentials include an extensive professional background in Marketing, Communications & Sales, as well as over 15 years as a District Board member.  This dedicated service has provided Megan with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of Special Purpose Districts, making her a stellar choice to lead Triton into the future.



Art Director

As Triton’s highly talented Art Director, Diana leads the creative division by overseeing all design and production of client publications and media services.



Accounting Specialist

As Triton’s Accounting Specialist, Melissa keeps an accurate record of all accounts payable/receivable between Triton and our Districts. 



IT Director

As Triton’s IT Director, Tre oversees the design, implementation, migration and maintenance of our technology services for each Triton client.



Legal Counsel

As a licensed attorney with a lengthy tenure within the public sector, Chris’ experience provides Triton with a level of strategic collaboration unparalleled within our industry. Chris also leads Public Affairs initiatives for Triton, helping to champion causes and influence policies important to Special-Purpose Districts across Texas.



Communications Advisor

Brian joined the Triton team in 2021 with a strong background in Client Relations and uses his experience to provide outstanding service to his growing portfolio of Districts.  With a BA from Texas State University and a penchant for going above and beyond for his clients, Brian is a true industry talent.



Graphic Design/Media

With a refined eye for design, Kerstin’s passion for creativity is highlighted as she serves each District of the Triton family by producing quality graphic design work and media products for each of our clients.




As our founder and Emeritus Consultant, David will continue to serve in a limited advisory capacity for special technology projects.


Meet team members who make Triton what it is.



Public Relations Director

With an extensive background in Public Relations & Marketing in both the public and private sectors, Ashley is Triton’s newest team member and leads all PR efforts for the organization.  This department focuses on community relations, brand & reputation management and the overall stewardship of Triton’s influence within both the communities we serve and the industry family we are fortunate to be part of. 



Communications Advisor

As a former Division I college football player and recent Texas A&M graduate, A.J. maintains a standard of excellence in all he does. His strong work ethic and competitive spirit were welcomed to Triton in early 2022 to assist in accommodating the needs of our clients in both the greater-Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth areas.



Client Development

Ryan joined the Triton team in 2020 after graduating from The Citadel. Highly focused on growth, Ryan leads the business development division as Triton continues to expand across Texas. 

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