Case Study - You deserve more than a basic compliance site

Situated north of the Town of Little Elm and south of the City of Prosper Frisco West is home to almost 7,000 residents situated in The Shoppes At Sunset Pointe, Frisco Hills, Frisco Ranch and The Preserve.

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The Frisco West board had a good site for their district. It met their compliance needs, had the required information, and it "got the job done". The issue was that their site was not a good representation of their district's brand.

As web development and design progresses, it becomes increasingly important to have a website that is performant, intuitive to navigate, supported on mobile, and built on a stable platform. Unfortunately, the old Frisco West site, like many other Special Purpose District websites, lacked all of these points.


The goal of a good site is to give users the information they need as fast as possible. Poor website performance hinders this goal and hurts the overall user experience. No one likes waiting for pages to load.

We were able to improve the Frisco West benchmark performance scores by 29% along with improvements in all other important site metrics.

Our modern technology stack allows us to ensure your site remains fast no matter how large or complicated it gets.

Intuitive navigation

Regardless of how well written or clear the content on your site is, a flow that is unintuitive may prevent users from ever seeing it.

We worked closely with Frisco West board members to identify what information was most important for their residents to see. Then, we used that information to organize their pages and content and restructure their cluttered drop-down menus. In addition, we built a new quick search feature to their site, using the new "fuzzy" search standard, which is not supported on WordPress’ default platform. This creates searches that are faster, more reliable, and directs users to the information they need with ease.

Our search menu uses the new "fuzzy" searching standard which is faster, more reliable, and not supported on WordPress by default.

Mobile support

A well-designed mobile site is critical in today's digital landscape. With a majority of users accessing the web via smartphones and tablets, it was important for us to improve this aspect of the old Frisco West site.

Mobile WordPress sites often feel clunky and hard to use, but By moving over to a modern framework and using in-house code we were able to make a more responsive and intuitive mobile experience for residents.

Saying no to WordPress

WordPress might have worked well in the past, but nowadays, there are newer and better ways to build websites. Think of it like upgrading from an old flip phone to a smartphone.

These newer methods make your site faster, more secure, and easier to use for both you and your residents. Plus, they offer more flexibility and customization options. Features like full site searching, custom forms that match the style of your site, and private in-house site analytics are made easier when moving off of WordPress.

By upgrading from WordPress, you'll ensure your website stays relevant and competitive in today's digital world.

What we did

  • Migration from WordPress
  • Modern site (Next.js)
  • Improved SEO
  • In-house site analytics
  • Full site search
  • Ticketing system (Tracker)
Faster page load times
Better SEO rankings
Accessibility score
Fit for your district's needs

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